What is Alkali – Antioxidant – Ionized Water?

What is Alkaline water ?

pH stands for "Power of Hydrogen". pH is a definition measured by the amount of positive Hydrogen (H+) ions and negative Hydroxyl (OH-) ions.

Especially the pH value refers to a scale indicating if a substance is acidic or alkali. The pH scale of water, the source of life, is between 1 to 14. If Hydrogen (H+) ions are more than Hydroxyl (OH-), this water is called "Acidic Water". If Hydroxyl (OH-) ions are more than Hydrogen (H+), this water is called "Alkali Water". The hydrohen and hydroxyl ion level in pH 7 is equal. Water in pH 7 is neutral. Water with low pH should not be drunk since it is corrosive and they may solve some metals due to this feature of its.

Our bodies live and die on a cellular level. All the cells in human cells are slightly alkali and this must be protected to stay healthy and alive. However, cellular activities create acids and this acid ensures enegy and functionality for cells. Each alkali cell excretes metabolic wastes while fulfiling its duty to ensure the cellular inspiration and these wastes produced by the cellular metabolism are naturally acidic. On the other hand, these wastes are used for enegy and functionality; however, they must not be allowed to increase or accumulate in the body.





Lactic acid formed as a result of exercises and workouts and most of the time causing pain is an example of this. The body spends a lot of time to inactivate these acids and to remove them out of itself before treating them as a position. Otherwise, these acids will change the environmental conditions of cells eventually. For example; cholesterol, fatty acid, kidney stones etc. are solid acid types. Acid coagulates/thickens the blood! This is caused by the acidic waste accumulation. This acidic waste structuring clogs your blood veins and stops the blood circulation. Without a good blood circulation, our organs cannot fulfil their functions as it should be and they start to remain incapable since they don't feed enough.

Cancer cells are acidic, which means cancer cannot develop in an alkali environment. Phosphoric acid or sulphiric acid formed due to the oxidation of foods are very strong acids for the body to overcome. The body balances this by receiving calcium from bones.

However, this raises the question what to use to be able to stand up if you take the calcium from our bones. This is the biggest problem causing Osteoporosis. When you drink alkali water, which can be absorbed by the body more easily and faster compared to other water due to its small molecular structure, you receive more antioxidants, alkalinity and calcium.





What is Antioxidant ?

ORP means Oxidation-Reduction Potantial. Oxidation-Reduction is related to the electron exchange between two atoms. An atom losing electron at the time of the operation is referred to as "oxidized". On the other hand, an atom gaining electron is referred as "reduced".

Simply "oxidation = corrosion". Scientifically, it means that a substance looses one electron while combining with oxygen. The name of this chemical action is exidation and oxygen source matters (receiving oxygen) are oxidants. Matters contacting oxygen are oxidated (corrosed). Oxydant matters continuously form in our body. The source of these oxidant matters are mostly the chemical events during the energy production from foods and its consumption (metabolism).

However, the source of oxidants are not just metabolic events; oxidation reasons include stress, smoking, solar rays, physical or mental exhaustion, pollution, röntgen rays etc. These oxidant matters (they are referred to as "free radicals" in medicine) almost corrose our cells, tissues and organs.

Under ordinary conditions, the body overpowers oxidants with its own natural antioxidant systems (enzymes, vitamins etc.) and protects itself. However, this protective mechanism may sometimes be insufficient, especially considering many of the current foods and drinks are oxidants. Free radicals accumulating in our body may disrupt the DNA copying process (which means the first and most important step of cellular division process).

There is significant scientific evidence that free radicals trigger the formation of cancer and; moreover, weaken the immune system that fights against the cancer cells. Oxidation process also effects the fats. Oxidated fats disrupts the vein health. That oxidated cholesterol is the mean reason of atherosclerosis has almost become a well-known scientific reality. Scientific articles also frequently indicate the cole relation between the oxidation processes and aging. Despite not being the only responsible, oxidation is a significant part of the aging process.



Ionized Water

Live atom or molecul is called ion. Being alive means the number of electron and protons are not equal. We encounter ions generally as solvents.

If the electron number is more than the proton number in an atom or molecul; it is called (-) minus loaded anion and if the electron number is less than the proton number, it is called (+) plus loaded cation. As will be seen, ions move with the effect of electrical grativy force. The movement ability is a life-sustaining movement of ions.

All the bio-chemical activities in our body are the energy movements emerging due to the electricity loads that ions carry. Hormons of our brain have ionized movements. Electrical information between our neural cells are conveyed through ions. Our muscle cells receive the electrical commands through ions.

Alkali minerals available in water tend to donate high amounts of electrons. That means, if the water is with natural alkali minerals, your water will naturally also be ionized. And your body will be able to use all of the minerals in the water. Since minaral tablets added in the water from outside cannot be oinized (they stay in colloidal way), your body can use very little of them. What matters here is that the water is ionized in natural ways. Ionization operation performed by giving electricity to water is a forced operation and not a natural way. Another important matter is that the ionized water acquired through this method has to be drunk immediately because the water loses its ionized characteristic in a very short period of time since the oinization operation is not performed through a natural way and it is performed through a forced method by adding electricity in the water.

Note: Antioxidant means Water in the oinization context. What matters here is that the water is oinized. Many products presented as ionized in the market are produced by imposing pressure or adding electricity in the water and this distrupts the naturality of the water and renders the water a sort of a hormonal water.



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