Alkali & Antioxidant, The Secret of A Healthy and Energetic Life

Most of the people living in Okinawa, Japan may live until the age of 95 in a healthy way. Arthritis, cardiac diseases, cancer and other diseases are experienced quite a little. In a research performed by a group of scientists, the secret of the long and healthy lives of people in Okinawa turns out to be its water, which includes high amounts of ionized minerals and is alkali & antioxidant, not the climate or foods.

Similarly, Tibetians, Burusho People, Peruvians, Georgians and People of Makamba drawing the attention of the world with their long and healthy lives acquire their water from alkali & antioxidant glacial sources which include high amounts of oxygen and ionized minerals or from very deep water wells that are not polluted at all.

    It preserves the acidic wastes that our body cannot get rid of by tying them to our fats. These acids reveal again when we lose weight. Alkali water removes the need of our body to keep our fats.

    It prevents our body from decaying by neutralizing the acids that mix in the body with its antioxidant effect. It stops free radicals and accelerates weight loss. It protects the health of our organs and veins while losing weight. It allows the healthy fat and muscle balance to form by itself.

    The role of the lipase enzyme in our body is important in terms of the digestion, transportation and processing of triglycerides. The more we keep the alkali level of our body, the better we help this enzyme function.

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    It inactivates the free radicals with its strong antioxidant effect and prevents your genes from getting damaged. It lessens the defects of our cells in terms of renewal.

    Each cell in the human body is subject to the attack of approximately 10,000 free radicals daily. Free radicals reveal in every operation taking place in your body and at every stage naturally. However, these unstaedy electron loaded chemicals are considerably destroyed or removed due to the natural antioxidant defense systems available in your body.

    Unless oyr antioxidant defense system works sufficiently and you consume enough antioxidant foods or benefit from additional reinforcements with antioxidant effect; free radicals lays the groundwork for the initiation of many diseases (such as cancer, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases originating due to aging and central nervous system diseases) by damaging the cells.


    Acidity irritates the internal surface of vessels. This is called inflammation or scratchiness. Our body plasters and pieces the irritated surface with cholesterol to prevent vessels from getting punctured. It accumulated on the internal wall of the vessel by combining wiht other elements and narrows the passage.

    If this accumulation clogs the vascular access being broken off, it causes heart attacks. When the acidity in our vessels decreases, inflammation and cholesterol decrease, too! Reinforced by vetegable foods, alkali water use is the most effective and natural cure for the vascular health. Obstruction formed before and we are not aware can be melted and opened within a couple year through a decent diet.


    It is a reality that our bodies incorporate water in the rate of 50 per cent; however, this proportion may differ depending on age and gender. While this may reach up to 80 per cent for babies, it is around 60 per cent for men and 50 per cent for women. The amount of water in the epidermal layer of the skin is two times more than the corium and it the main reason why the skin looks shiny and aglow.

    The surface tension of the small water molecules that alkali water has is low and it is easy to be drunk despite the minerals it has. Most importantly, it penetrates all the body cells very fast and its moisturing effect is extraordinary.


    Our immune systems try to keep our blood at pH 7,365 level. It rips the calcium and magnesium in our bones in order to neutralize the acidity which we increase due to various reasons such as malnourishment, stress, lack of sleep and this unfortunately causes muscle and bone loss.

    Alkali water brings our bodily fluids to the alkali threshold and increases the alkali neutralization strength against acidic wastes. It prevents the bone and muscle loss due the calcium, magnesium and other minerals it includes. It provides a natural reinforcement to meet the mineral need of our body.

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    Alkali and Antioxidant Water allows the veins to open and organs to feed on blood. More oxygen and electron means more energy and less harmful wastes. As a result, fatigue is eliminated and health, joy and happiness are enhanced. Alkali water is irreplaceable for especially elderly people, athletes and those on diet.


    A water molecule is composed of 15 – 25 H2O molecules. Alkali & Antioxidant Water molecule's magnitude is around the magnitude of 4 – 5 H2O molecules. So, small water molecules merge with foods and penetrates the cellular walls more easily and they ensure more moisturizing and food support.

    Meals to be cooked with alkali water are more delicious and beneficial. It ensures your tea to be brewed with less tea herb and to be more delicious.


    Prepared, genetically modified, hormonal etc. foods increase the acid amount in our body and render it quite suitable for diseases.

    This primarily weakens our defense cells and makes us weak and defenseless against diseases. Alkali & Antioxidant Water increases the pH value of our body and strengthens our body against bacteria and viruses. It inactivates the free radicals.

    Cancer cells live and reproduces in oxygenless environments. It is very difficult for them to live and reproduce in environments with plenty of oxygen. Alkali & Antioxidant water includes 41% more oxygen than the tap water.


    All the alkali matters in the body pass into the embryo (baby) starting from the initation of pregnancy until the birth of the baby. Unfortunately, mother who cannot be nourished naturally or take enough minerals due to the current nourishment conditions must share this small amount of foods and minerals with the baby. Subsequently, mothers' alkali reserve decreases and many mothers experience bone and muscle loss after the birth and this reveals itself as fatigue, disorders around the spire and muscle pains.

    Significant amount of alkali passes into the baby from mother during the sleep and the alkali – acid balance of the mother is distrupted. The mother experiences dizziness and nausea after she wakes up. This is why this disease is also called the "daytime disease". Mothers' drinking alkali water during pregnancy is crucial to preserve the alkali balance of the body.

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    The reason of many rheumatismal Arthritis and Gour diseases is, according to the views of many experts, the excessive accumulation acidic wastes in joints. Similarly, according to the views of many experts, gout disease is caused by the uric acid accumulated in joints.

    Medicines taken in order to kill the pain caused by Arthritis and Gout diseases can kill the pain only temporarily. The pain will repeat as long as the origin of the problem is not eliminated. When the acidic state of the body is neutralized by drinking alkali water, your body may solve such problems itself.