Okay, What Kind of Water Should We Drink?

Pure and Living

The most basic requirement of quality water is that it is biologically, chemically and physically clean, that is, it does not contain disease-causing organisms.

It is very important that the water is biologically clean and pure, that is, it does not contain pathological microorganisms such as pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

This feature should be prioritized more than others, because water can cause epidemic diseases and damage up to mass deaths. Water must first of all be purified from this harmful content and converted into clean water.

Living water ensures our health as it is pure and clean, and does not contain harmful organisms that cause illness, epidemics and even mass deaths. When drunk for a long time, it helps to remove toxins from the body and the cells to work more efficiently. When the cells work more efficiently, the person will feel more dynamic, energetic, healthy and happy than before.

Rich Minaral

One of the most important elements of quality water is the mineral content of water. It is not possible to meet all the minerals the body needs from water, but it is very important that the water contains a certain amount of minerals. Minerals, substances that the body cannot create by itself, work together with vitamins and contribute to the effective functioning of the most needed areas in the body. Therefore, the human body needs minerals as much as vitamins.

Minerals, which play a very important role in blood pressure, heart rhythm, muscle functions, the continuity of fluid balance in the body, and reproduction, also control blood formation and the development of healthy nerve functions. Mineral deficiencies can cause serious problems, especially in children in the growth and development age.

Organic minerals break down into alkali ions (such as Ca, Mg) in water and dissolve in the blood to maintain the body's alkalinity. Thus, it regulates the density of the blood to facilitate blood flow and adjusts the coagulation level by increasing the electrical potential of the red blood cell.

Ionic minerals help nutrients to be absorbed by human cells and acidic wastes to be removed from the body. These dissolve in water and combine with enzymes and can trigger all chemical reactions in the metabolic pathway with the help of basic ionic minerals. In other words, no matter how many vitamins are taken into the body, these vitamins cannot be absorbed without minerals.

In order for minerals to pass through the cell wall, they must exist as ions dissolved in water. However, single molecules or ionized minerals can easily be taken into the cell. The amount of minerals in the water affects its ability to dissolve oxygen (O2).




Antioxidants are substances that prevent or slow down the damage caused to cells by free radicals, which are unstable molecules produced in the body in response to external factors. Also known as "free radical scavengers".

Oxidant substances are constantly formed in our body. The source of these oxidants can be internally such as chemical events during energy production and consumption (metabolism) from foods, inflammation, or externally such as air pollution, UV rays, smoking.

The effects of oxidative stress on the body are linked to inflammatory and ischemic disorders such as heart diseases, cancer, arthritis, heart attack, respiratory system diseases, immune deficiency, emphysema, and Parkinson's.

Free radicals that accumulate in our body can disrupt the DNA replication process (ie the first and most important step of the cell division process). There are important scientific data showing that free radicals trigger cancer formation and weaken our immune system cells that fight cancer cells.

The oxidation process also affects oils. Oxidized oils impair vascular health. It has become a scientific fact that almost all of us now know that oxidized cholesterol is the main culprit in the formation of arteriosclerosis.


The most important things that determine the quality of water are that the water is clean, alive, Alkali and Antioxidant. But the most vital point here is that; These changes are made by natural ways. These methods determine the quality of Alkaline Water and the level of benefit to the body.

The fact that the water is clean, fresh, mineral and antioxidant makes water extremely healthy and of high quality. It turns water into a kind of water of Ab-ı Hayat.

Alkamina Sebill performs these processes by natural ways, just like in nature.

Alkamina, with its ceramic ball activator filters made of Natural Minerals, first cleans the tap water, then gives the water to the Alkali Minerals that are vital for our body such as Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, Sodium and Iron, and at the same time turns the water into an antioxidant.