Our Mission

20th Century was the century of high-speed industrialization and urbanization. New materials presented by this period have integrated to our lives by being questioned very little or without even being questioned. However, through the end of this period, humanity started to realize the side effects and damages of this system slowly.

And in the 21st century; we try to get rid of this harmful effects by raising our voice. We thought spending less physical power meant comfort, we started to use vehicles instead of walking for a couple of minutes. We both became immobile and polluted the air. We invented the lift because it was difficult to use the stairs.

We polluted the solid, which is a part of the living and the source of life, with chemicals in order to get more efficiency, we changed the genes of plants. Consequently, we realized we consume water without minerals that are crucial for us.

We took the solid, the source of life, away from cities so much that stepping on the solid sometimes became a privilege and a reason for vacation. We extravagated the use of chemicals so much that we even depleted the ozone layer.

We brought products brightened up and processed with chemicals into our houses, tables and even the toys of our children by thinking that they look better..

We used chemicals, one spoonful of which may get us into a coma, as "Cleaners" or "Personal Care Products". We have become fragile for diseases with these effects maybe not at once (especially by forgetting that our skin is a permeable tissue) and we even got sick.

It may sound problematic and tragic but unfortunately this is the point we reached and this is reality. Is it possible to completely be protected from this?

Unfortunately, it is not possible within a short period of time because they surrender each part of our lives. Of course, it is up to us to avoid this mangle as much as possible and to minimize its effects and we can do this.

This is just what Normway was established. It raises its voice regarding the reality that humans are a part of the nature and follows the nature.

It both manufactures the products to increase the quality of life and follows, develops and presents new products for people by working in cooperation with the firms in this regard. Normway works on the "NORMS" of life with love and high motivation to be able deserve your trust.