H2O, the Source of Life for All the Living Creatures!

What is Water?

As is known, the colorless, unscented and tasteless substance composed of 2 hydrogene atoms and 1 oxygen atom is called water. It is possible to say water is the most substantial inorganic substance available in the basic composition of our bodies. Water can solve many organic molecules due to its different ionized structure.

Many life carrier substances is available solved in water like the cellular nourishment environment in our bodies and many metabolism actions take place in watery environments and many wastes emerging as a result of metabolism actions move out as solved in water.

Water is both a carrier and participates in many reactions of the body itself. Foods are taken with water on a cellular level and wasters are discarded with water. It has a superior temperature regulating effect.

Might It Be A Coincidence?

"There is no coincidence in the universe so it be incidental." Socrates.

Human bodies start revealing disorders and slowly fades away as the water in our bodies decreases or the available water starts losing its characteristics in the same way that the world becomes arid and the life is imperiled and slowly fades aways when the water, the source of the life, decreases and is polluted.







Water and We

Unfortunately, our habit of water consumption is awful. Most of the time we consume various fizzy drinks, coffee, tea, etc. instead of water. Researches have indicated that no drinks can subrogate water and even each drink we consume other than water drives water equivalent to their 10% out of the body.

To make matters worse; thinking we generally cannot consume 2.5 liters of water which is approximately our daily requirement, you remember what Dr. Freydon Batmanghelidj said: "You are not sick, you are dehydrated."

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When we cannot consume sufficient water, we suffer from fatigue, exhaustion, listlessness feeling, xerostomia and from hypotension, delay in attention and movement when the dehydration increases more.

This also causes the decrease in total plasma volume, increase in internal body temperature (rectal temperature) and decrease in cardiac output. When dehydration reaches 10% of the body weight, swollen tongues, mental fog, muscle spasms and pains and pause of kidney functions are experienced.

Researches carried out on adults show the lose of only 2% of the body weight due to dehydration may change certain perception functions such as concentration and attention and additionally, increases the fatigue. In case that dehydration happens in a hot environment, serious problems may occur such as heat or heat shock. Thirst is felt when 0.5 to 1 kilogram water is lost.