Expert Views

We compiled the researches performed by many researchers, doctos and clinics around the world and their views about Alkali and Antioxidant Water for you.


    Minerals, especially high blood pressure and ionic calcium observed in other diseases have had an important place in the researches that I conducted during my working life of 10 years. Based on this, I can say that consuming alkali antioxidant water regularly for 2 to 3 months balances the blood pressure slowly because alkali antioxidant water is a quite effective solvent solving the cholesterol in the blood.

    Prof. Kuninaka Hironoga, Kuninaka Hospital Chief Physician

    In my view, the miraculous feature of antioxidant & alkali water is its being nonchemical although it is able to neutralize the toxins. Additionally, we can generally provide all of the patients with antioxidant water while we have to classify patients to provide them with different medicines. For instance; I had a cardiac patient who was 35. Many doctos specialised in their fields worked on his treatment for this period of 5 years; however, no results were obtained.

    When we talked to his relatives last year in August, I figured out they were quite upset and waiting for his death. This also overlapped the time when a relative of the patient purchased an alkali waster device producing antioxidant water. Now this person is doing all right and his body restructures itself.

    Prof. Kuwata Keijiroo

  • ECZAMAOpen or Close

    Even though the eczama disease is defined with some skin situations reveling themselves, it is a disease that has not exactly been defined and what kind of effects cause it to reveal. However, in many cases, it occurs with an external irritation effect. For instance, a 70-year-old patient of mine had been fighting against eczama for 10 years in total an deven my special bound did not provide us with positive results. Acute eczama that revealed on her legs after the war became cronic afterwards.

    Even though we acquired positive results for her left leg, unfortunately we had no improvements for her right leg. Such that she suffered from frequent bleeding due to the itch on her right leg. I recommended her to try antioxidant Alkali water. She started to drink antioxidant water she acquired through an Alkali-Water device she purchased and to shower with the acidic water she provided through a generator. All the scars on her leg disappeared only after 2 weeks and she defeated the eczama within one and a half month in total.

    Prof. Tamura Tatsuji, Keifku Rehabilitasyon Merkezi

  • ALLERGYOpen or Close

    The Police Investigation Manager, Mr. Yamada, who was my patient, suffered from many allergic complications. He tried to receive a lot of treatment; however, he couldn't make any improvements. Then he started to use antioxidant water and that worked. And after the short period of time, all of his allergic symptoms disappeared. He is quite content with his situation since he consumes all sorts of foods and doesn't suffer from any allergic situations. Additionally, I also used antioxidant water since I was allergic, too and I experienced significant improvements.

    So I examined this a little. Consequently, I discovered that each allergy case that I examined displayed antioxidant mineral deficiency. This way, the body became excessively sensitive and allergy could easily spread. And calcium solvent needed to be injected through the vessel in order to balance the sensitivity. This is how I learnt antioxidant alkali water actually including ionic calcium did away with the allergy.

    Prof. Kuninaka Hironaga, Kuninaka The Head Physician Of The Hospital


    The real affect of Antioxidant Alkali water in the stomach is based on its neutralizing the secretion and strengthening the stomach functions. It was proved that Antioxidant Alkali water solves the problems of Hypochlorhydria (gastric fluid surplus) and Achlorhydria (gastric fluid shortness) by keeping the pH balance of the gastric secretions in the stomach.

    Prof. Koure Keizou, Juntando Hospital, Kogure Clinic

  • DIABETICSOpen or Close

    15 of my diabetic patients whom I started to treat with antioxidant Alkali water instead of medicines were selected and taken to Tokyo University to be observed and subject to various tests. Honestly, some patients whose situations were serious were anxious about this treatment method.

    Because the sugar amount in the blood and urine of the patients who were given antioxidant Alkali water dropped from 300 mg/l to 2 mg/l. It was observed that some patients were subject to 5 to 6 blood tests in this way and their situations were quite normal. Their blood sugar ratio was observed to be 100 mg/l : 0 mg/l after eating. The sugar in their urine compelety disappeared.

    Prof. Kuwata Keijiroo.

  • OBESITYOpen or Close

    Burning the food taken to our bodies depends on the amount of the vitamins and minerals available in our bodies. Excessive reception of proteins, carbohydrates and fats will increase the need for vitamins and minerals. Foods will be easier to be burnt due to the ionic calcium that antioxidant Alkali water includes. For this reason, we recommend antioxidant Alkali water for obesity patients.

    Prof. Hatori Tasutaroo, Blood Akajiuji Chief Physician Of The Center


    We observe the benefits of Alkali Antioxidant water in terms of the treatment of many diseases; especially the treatment of gynaecologic patients. The most important reason for that is the neutralizing effect of the antioxidant water on toxins. What I observed as a result of the researches that I have conducted for years is that alkali water has positive effects on women suffering from preeclamptic toxemia and these patients are able to conceive children who are quite healthy and smarter than normal babies with the help of antioxidant water.

    Prof. Watanabe lfao, Watanabe Hospital The Head Physician.


    Active oxygen types or free radicals are thought to cause the biological macro-molecules to suffer from oxidative damages and they cause various diseases as well as aging. The ideal cleaner fort he active oxygen must be the "active hydrogen". "Active hydrogen" can be produced in water reduced close by cathode during the electrolyse of water. Reduced water (Alkali Ionized Water) dispalys high pH, low dissolved oxygen (DO), excessively high molecular hydrogen (DH) and excessive negative redox potential (ORP) values.

    With hydrogen gas, blistered water displays low DO (dissolved oxygen), excessively high DH (dissolved hydrogen) and excessively low RP (redox potential); however, this doesn't have a SOD-like activity. These results show that the SOD-like activity of water doesn't happen due to the dissolved molecular hydrogen but it happens due to dissolved atomic hydrogen (active hydrogen).

    Even though DOS accumulated H2O2 (HyrogenPeroxide) when added in HX-XOD system, it reduced the H2O2 amount produced by the reduced water (Alkali Ionized Water) XOD. Reduced water can also clean H2O2 directly as well as catalaze and ascorbic acid (Vitamin C). Reduced water (Alkali Ionized Water) that reduced water can clean not only O2.- and H2O2 but also 1O2 and .OH by preventing DNA b active oxygen types produced based on the dose from being broken as a single bend (single cordon) through the catalyzed oxidation of ascorbic acid Cu(II).

    Biochem Biophys Res Commun. May, 8th, 1997 ;234(1):269-74. Shirahata S , Kabayama S , Nakano M , Miura T , Kusumoto K , Gotoh M , Hayashi H , Otsubo K , Morisawa S , Katakura Y . Kyushu University, Cellular Regulation Technology Institute, Genetic Sources Technology Postgraduate School, Fukuoka, Japan.


    As a result of the researches performed on mice, Alkali ionized water transferred either to the embryo though the placenta or to the baby through milk may be the reason for weight gain. Since calcium has an important role in the skeleton formation, it was emprically concluded that the high calcium concentration in Alkali ionized water makes the mother stronger and the calcium transferred to the embryo through the placenta and to the baby through milk makes the skeleton stronger.

    J Toxicol Sci. December 1998;23(5):365-71. Watanabe T, Pan I, Fukuda Y , Murasugi E , Kamata H , Uwatoko K . Nihon University, Bio-source Sciences Faculty, Physiological Veterinary Medicine Chemistry Department, Kanagawa, Japan.


    In this study, the prerequisite is alleged to be a negative (-ORP) valued intestine environment for the obligate anaerobe microflora improvement and maintenance in the intestine system. Electronized reducing water (Alkali Ionized Water) with E(h) values between 0 and -300 mV produced in electrolyze devices has this characteristic.

    Drinking this water makes the growth of microflora settled in the intestine easier. A sufficient data set confirms this idea. In addition to that, many researchers explain the movement mechanism with an antioxidant characteristic to eliminate the toxic of oxidants (oxidizing agents-acidic matters) in the intestine and other tissues.

    Med Hypotheses. 2005;64(3):543-6. Vorobjeva NV . Lomonosov Moscow State University, Biyoloji Faculty, Department Of Physiology Of Microorganisms, 119992 Moskova, Rusya.