Prof. Dr. Erkan Topuz talked on Habertürk. He said that the values written on the prepared waters are checked for only once and then not checked again. Namely, waters in bottles are checked only in their springs. They are not checked after they are bottled. He stated that the state must check these large brands once in 3 – 6 months. They drew attention to the danger in bottled waters.



Dr. Yasemin Bradley explains the importance of Alkali Water in our lives and its benefits on Ebru Şallı's program. She provides information about pH and the importance and benefits of alkali water during pregnancy.



Prof. Dr. Kenan Demirkol, who spoke on Doktorum program on Kanal D, stated that plastic bottles fatten and deteriorate the hormonal balance as well as causing cancer and added a quite shocking sentence: "Drink tap water but not bottled water". He also warned people not to use reverse osmosis system water treatment devices.



Dr. Ender Saraçoğlu explained why acid is harmful for us and why Alkali is useful in detail by carrying out experiments with his guest. He also explained why acidic nourishment harms our body and by what means we receive it, how alkali nourishment is like and Alkali Water.